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4 Useful Tips for Coping with Your Divorce

Going through a divorce will likely be an extremely emotional and overwhelming period of your life. We’ve got some useful tips to help you cope.

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Yes, you did it. You made the difficult decision to get divorced, but now the reality of that decision is materializing.

Your entire life is changing. You’re now at odds with the person you shared your life with or the one who, at some point in time, helped you get through the most difficult times. You might be trying to keep it all together for the sake of your family and kids, and you might feel that no one has your back right now. 

Regardless of your unique circumstances, going through a divorce will likely be an extremely emotional and overwhelming period of your life. 

That’s why it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. While doing this might be easier said than done, we’ve got some tips to help you cope with your divorce and to remind you that you’ll get through this. 

1. Give Yourself a Break

If someone we know passes away, our first instinct is to tell their loved ones that it’s OK to take time for themselves and to grieve the loss. However, when it comes to our divorce, we trick ourselves into thinking that it has to be business as usual. 

Understand that It’s normal to grieve the end of your marriage. As such, it’s important to remind yourself that your value isn’t measured by your level of productivity or ability to take care of everything and everyone. 

If you need to take time for yourself, do it. Don’t feel the need to apologize when you take downtime.

You’ll never be able to heal if you’re not allowing yourself to feel any of the normal emotions that come along with getting divorced. 

2. Realize That It’s OK for Your Feelings to Change

Just like any big life change, it’s normal to have a myriad of feelings, especially when you’re venturing into the unknown. Some mornings may be more difficult than others, and sometimes you might be surprised that the loss doesn’t hurt as much as it did the day before. 

During a divorce, it’s completely normal to feel sadness, anger, and yes—even joy. We promise that you’ll be happy again. These feelings won’t last forever. (Check out our blog about the stages of divorce grief to learn more about how normal all of this is.)

3. Explore New Interests

As you’re navigating a split, this is a time when you’re redefining who you are and what you want out of your life moving forward. Maybe there was a hobby you enjoyed, but stopped doing after you got married because your spouse didn’t enjoy it or because you felt like you didn’t have enough time to spend on it. 

Now’s the time to get reacquainted with what you love to do! Explore new and existing interests that have always called to you. Plus, if you join that book club or painting group, you’ll expand your circle of friends with like-minded people.

4. Don’t Try to Handle Your Split Alone

Remember that getting help is never a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. Your friends and family are here to help you get through this emotional time, so share your feelings with them. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family, there are other options available to you. 

Whether you choose to join a support group for people going through the same thing or you seek a therapist, trusted clergyperson, or a divorce coach, what matters is that you have someone you can talk to and help put your mind at ease. Don’t hide your emotions or try to keep them all in—and remember, your feelings are valid. 

At the Smedley Law Group, P.C., we recognize that this time may be challenging for you and your family as you develop a “new normal,” but we assure you that you’ll get through this. Please don’t lose yourself in the process. 

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