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18. Parenting Time

Gloucester County Parenting Time Lawyers in Woodbury, NJ

Skilled Woodbury, NJ Parenting Time Attorneys Help Clients Navigate Complex Parenting Time Issues in Gloucester County and Throughout South Jersey

Your children are your greatest asset. In a divorce, dividing parenting time is usually one of the most contentious issues spouses face. Even well after you’ve finalized your divorce, parenting time can continue to pose challenging issues.

Oftentimes after a parenting plan has been established, it becomes necessary to modify it, whether due to a job change, relocation within the state, issues relating to one or more parents, change in schools, or any one of a hundred other possibilities. When that happens, the existing order needs to be modified. We’ll work with you to understand your current situation, whether you’re the parent seeking the change or opposing it with an eye toward achieving your desired outcome, taking into consideration your individual circumstances.

If you’re struggling with your co-parenting relationship or need help establishing a structure that works for your family, our experienced parenting time attorneys located in Woodbury, NJ are here to help. At Smedley Law Group, we know that there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. That’s why we’re committed to helping our clients identify creative solutions that suit their unique needs.

We have decades of experience helping parents across South Jersey reach a consensus over complex parenting time issues. Our attorneys know that children can be the ones who suffer the most in a divorce. That’s why we do everything we can to help parents reach amicable solutions to share their parenting duties.

To learn more about our law firm and how we can help your family, contact us to arrange a case evaluation with an experienced South Jersey parenting time lawyer.

Complex Parenting Time Matters We Handle

No parent would ever dispute that the structure of a parenting time arrangement should focus on securing the child’s best interests. That said, parents are human. You have responsibilities and wishes that can impact parenting responsibilities.  

An experienced family law attorney can help parents find a way to balance competing wishes and obligations.  

Parenting time is the term most states now use in place of “visitation.” Parenting time agreements address the time that a non-custodial parent spends with the child. The change in terminology makes sense—after all, you aren’t visiting your child, you’re parenting. 

Our lawyers can help with the complex issues that might arise in determining parenting time, including:

In every parenting time situation, the child’s needs are central. While the courts will consider parental needs, those needs are often set aside in favor of doing what’s best for the child. Our experienced parenting time lawyers can help you understand the law and how the courts will apply that law in helping you reach a viable solution for your family.

We Can Help Your Family Establish a Workable Parenting Time Solution 

In every case involving parenting time, visitation, and child custody, the baseline standard for dividing time rests on what is in the child’s best interests. That “best interests” standard can vary dramatically from family to family.

Factors that will be considered in deciding parenting time include:

Courts have significant discretion in determining which factors are relevant—and can consider factors not listed here in ordering parenting time.  

At Smedley Law Group, our lawyers work to help you reach a flexible, workable parenting time solution. We can work through the relevant issues through mediation or other types of alternative dispute resolution to minimize the court’s intervention.

Schedule a Consultation With an Experienced Parenting Time Attorney in Woodbury, NJ to Discuss Your Parenting Time Arrangement

Many parents find it difficult to communicate with their child’s other parent. Despite this, New Jersey courts recognize the importance of both parents maintaining a relationship with their child—regardless of who has physical or legal custody. The court has the authority to order a fair division of parenting time between custodial and non-custodial parents.

In many cases, these plans are far less flexible than an agreement we can help you reach with your co-parent. To learn more about how our experienced Woodbury, NJ parenting time lawyers can help, contact Smedley Law Group today to schedule a consultation. We serve clients across South Jersey, Gloucester County, and Vineland, NJ.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parenting Time Arrangements in New Jersey

FAQ: What happens if my child’s other parent isn’t letting me see my child in accordance with our parenting time schedule?

We can file a motion with the court to enforce the order. Then, the judge will likely schedule a hearing to consider the circumstances of your co-parent’s noncompliance. The court might order the custodial parent to pay your attorneys’ fees and can even impose financial penalties. In other cases, the court might order a new parenting time order—and can even give the non-custodial parent physical custody in extreme cases.

FAQ: What happens if my child’s other parent and I can’t reach an agreement about how to share our parenting time?

In short, the court will decide. If the court becomes involved, the judge usually requires expert opinions to help determine what’s in the child’s best interests. Often, each parent hires their own expert who’s qualified to evaluate the situation. Sometimes the parents might agree to share one expert and respect the results.

Once the evaluations have been reviewed, the parents can reevaluate—and maybe reach an agreement—at this point. Otherwise, the matter will proceed to trial.

In these situations, the skill and expertise of your lawyer can be critical to reach a favorable outcome. Our lawyers are always here to help, so don’t hesitate to call if you want to explore your options.

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