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Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

Why You Should Use A Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

What’s a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney?

New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney is an official designation given by the New Jersey Supreme Court to attorneys who’ve demonstrated a superior skill set in the areas of family and matrimonial law. This designation provides a clear guidepost to those seeking a top-rated New Jersey matrimonial lawyer. 

These certified attorneys meet the highest standard in handling matrimonial issues in New Jersey. Like any certification process, this signifies that the attorney is a master in matrimonial issues, demonstrating that he or she possesses superior knowledge in several key matrimonial issues, including:

Smedley Law Group, P.C. founder AllynMarie Smedley, Esq. is recognized as a family law and divorce expert and has achieved this certification. We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of matrimonial law that Ms. Smedley brings to the table and use these skills to help you. Contact our legal team today for a confidential discussion.

What Does Being a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney Mean?

In New Jersey, matrimonial lawyers are certified by the Supreme Court and must demonstrate an emphasis on family and matrimonial law, including such difficult subjects as high net worth divorces, complex child custody disputes, military divorce, and parental alienation. As the experts in matrimonial law, a Certified New Jersey Matrimonial Lawyer must:

Certified Matrimonial Lawyers represent approximately 2% of all lawyers in the state of New Jersey. AllynMarie Smedley at Smedley Law Group, P.C. is fortunate to be in that 2% and has the expertise and experience to help you with any matrimonial issue you’re facing. Contact Smedley Law Group, P.C. for a confidential discussion.

How Do You Choose the Best Family Law or Divorce Attorney for Your Legal Needs?

If you’re looking for legal help in family law matters, there are many benefits of hiring a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in New Jersey. This certification demonstrates that the attorney is experienced and educated in family law matters, and is also considered an expert whose experience meets the highest standard of client care. You can expect a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney to listen, understand your goals, and strategize an effective strategy, leaving you in a good place to start your new life.

At Smedley Law Group, P.C., we value your interests and needs, work to understand your intentions, and can form an effective and strong representation to achieve your goals and help you start the next chapter of your life. 

The attorneys at Smedley Law Group, P.C. are experienced in matrimonial issues and will help you navigate the process so that your interests and rights are protected. Our legal team is here to help you.

Why Does New Jersey Have a Certification Program?

The certification program helps the public find attorneys who’ve demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law. Certification helps lawyers by giving them a way to make their experience known to the public and to other lawyers. Certification also encourages the maintenance and improvement of attorney competence in specialized fields of law, such as matrimonial law.

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At Smedley Law Group, P.C., our Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney, AllynMarie Smedley, Esq., and our legal team are all here to help you through any family law issue, whether it’s a divorce, separation, or another family matter. We have the experience and resources to best prepare you for the process and we’ll fight to protect your needs and interests. We value you as a client, and as a person seeking to begin the next chapter of your life. We use our years of experience and knowledge for your benefit. Contact Smedley Law Group, P.C. for a confidential consultation.