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Another Happy Ending: James Kucharski

In our “Another Happy Ending” series, we talk with James Kucharski about his experience working with Smedley Law Group Founder AllynMarie (Ali) Smedley, Esq. during his divorce.

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In our “Another Happy Ending” series, we talk with James Kucharski about his experience working with Smedley Law Group Founder AllynMarie (Ali) Smedley, Esq. during his divorce.

Q. When you came to Smedley Law Group, P.C., how urgent was your need for a legal advocate?

James Kucharski: I came to Ms. Smedley and Smedley Law Group, P.C. because my wife had decided she wanted a divorce, and that’s something that requires legal representation when even one disagreement arises. Unfortunately, this isn’t my first go-around with a divorce, so I understood I needed an attorney who was knowledgeable, as well as communicative—and, most of all, I needed someone I could trust to fight for me.

Q. How did you find Ali, and why did you choose her firm to represent you?

JK: I’ve found much success in using recommendations from people you actually know. I had asked a close friend for a suggestion and they recommended Ali and Smedley Law Group, P.C. right away.

Q. Were there any specific circumstances that were unique to your situation that Ali was able to help you navigate?

JK: In this case, I found that having a woman attorney helped my situation. Many things give Ali the edge over others, but in this case, not only did Ali know the lawyer representing my ex-wife, but that lawyer was also a woman. In my opinion, there’s both an empathic component, as well as a logical one, that women deal with much better than men do to help in the strategic choices and moves that need to be taken to make the matter at hand as easy as possible.

Q. From the time that you engaged Ali to the conclusion of your matter, how would you say your overall attitude, stress level and life situation changed?

JK: Over this exact matter, you could say I trusted Ali. When things needed to get done, they got taken care of by her firm, and that greatly decreased my anxiety.  

Q. Do you feel that Ali helped you achieve the vision of your life that you envisioned when you first engaged the firm? How would you describe your life now?

JK: I have to say that Ali did help me! Once I understood that a divorce was imminent, I began to imagine what my next step would be. I knew that money was a big factor in divorces, as far as the legal aspect and also the settlement, and that made me wonder if I’d have the ability to live in an apartment or be able to afford a house or not. Ali fought for me in my settlement and also worked with me on her fees. I’m in a rather comfortable spot right now, after all is said and done.

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