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Does an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method Like Mediation Actually Work to Avoid Heavy Legal Fees and Divorce Court?

Can an alternative dispute resolution process, where you avoid going to court, really work? Let’s discuss everything you should know about this option.

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You’ve discussed with your spouse the hard truth that your marriage is over. You both agree that divorce is the next right step for both of you. Neither of you is interested in a lengthy, expensive, and contentious legal battle. So can an alternative dispute resolution process, where you avoid going to court, really work? Let’s discuss everything you should know about this option.

Here’s What Alternative Dispute Resolution Actually Is

In its simplest form, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) means processes that keep your case out of the courtroom. In New Jersey, this means using mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law. 

The goal of each method of ADR is to:

Instances You’d Use ADR, or Mediation, for Your Divorce

There are many aspects of family law that can be resolved using ADR. These can include:

Why Doesn’t Everyone Choose Mediation for Their Divorce?

Mediation, and really any ADR method, works best for those couples who are ready to agree on the terms of their divorce. One thing both parties must understand going into the process is that mediation isn’t final or legally binding. If you feel unhappy with the mediation results, you can still take your case to a family court and have a judge make a final decision.

So, if you have any reason to feel that your soon-to-be-ex won’t comply or will be unreasonable in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution may not work for your case. The good news is that an experienced and successful family law attorney who practices ADR will know which cases are best for mediation and will let you know if your case doesn’t meet those criteria.

If You’re Both United in a Goal, This Can Lead to Successful Arbitration

Your case will likely be a good candidate for alternative dispute resolution if you both want to gain these benefits:

Ask yourself if you both can overwhelmingly agree that you want to keep the kids out of the drama and frustrations of the courtroom. Perhaps you’re both resolute in keeping your personal information private and, keeping it out of the courtroom, works for you.

Or perhaps you both realize just how important co-parenting is. Understanding that by avoiding the courts, you’ll avoid most of the aspects of divorce that can harm your relationship with each other, as well as your kids. You’ll be able to move on through the already difficult task of getting through a divorce much more quickly, helping all involved to heal faster. 

How Do I Find an Experienced and Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney?

One of the biggest issues that will have a huge impact on your ADR process will be the selection of your mediator, or arbitrator. Both you and your ex must agree on the moderator before the process can begin. 

But to help with this process, you have a few options. First, your attorney will have a list of mediators and arbitrators they’ve used in the past. But the family court can also assign a mediator to your case if you wish.

You might believe you can save more money by not having an attorney representing you through the ADR process. This could be a big mistake. Mediators are meant to be neutral in the process. That means they aren’t looking out for your best interest (or your spouse’s). Their only role is to facilitate agreement on both sides so that everyone is in agreement.

It also means they won’t give you any legal advice. Having an attorney is the only way to make sure that you have someone on your side who’ll give you the help that you need to make decisions in your best interests. 

Alternative dispute resolutions are generally an effective way to handle non-contentious divorce proceedings. It’s a great way to begin your co-parenting journey as well as to make the process of divorce less damaging for all involved. Moreover, arbitration can be very effective at saving you money and stress in the process.

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