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How Much Child Support Can I Expect to Receive?

To help you understand the complexities of child support, we’re sharing some general information that will answer some of your questions.

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As if a divorce wasn’t already stressful and heartbreaking enough, divorcing while caring for kids is beyond difficult. Co-parenting can bring up a lot of questions, including a lot of uncertainty about the future and how you’ll provide for your children. 

The first major question that most likely will pop into your mind is, “Who’ll get primary custody of the children?” But right behind that question is likely to be, “If I get primary custody, how much child support can I expect to receive?”

There’s no reason to feel bad about asking this question upfront. You need to be able to care for both yourself and your children after the divorce, and this is a very reasonable question. To help you understand the complexities of child support, we’re sharing some general information that will answer some of your questions—and hopefully quell some of your worries.

How Is Child Support Calculated in New Jersey?

For those interested in exactly what New Jersey’s child support laws say, you can review the more than 100 pages of complex court rules that go into making up the child support calculator. While every situation is unique, the New Jersey Department of Human Services has created an online calculator to help you estimate your anticipated child support payments. 

However, you should remember that this is just a guideline. Your personal circumstances will ultimately be taken into account by a judge in determining the total amount to be paid.

Factors in Determining Child Support

Your attorney will help you with determining a fair child support request that you can take into the hearing. The judge in your case will have to approve this amount before it becomes official, so your attorney can advise you about a general range.  

This means that the following information will be used in the calculation:

How Are Additional Expenses Handled?

For the most part, an order for child support is used to make sure that the child’s standard of living is maintained from prior to the divorce. 

Child support should pay for the child’s:

How New Jersey Courts Handle Unexpected Expenses

While New Jersey’s guidelines say that these are the general items child support should pay for, the courts also recognize that additional expenses may arise. For instance, one parent may be ordered to pay for the health insurance for the children as part of their insurance coverage. 

Additionally, the parents may be ordered to split non-covered medical expenses. In other cases, work-related childcare may also be a factor for child support. Finally, the court may take into account travel expenses involved in taking the children to and from visitation.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help You With Your Unique Case

After all of these issues are taken into account, the judge will give final approval for the child support ruling. But as you can see, it’s not a simple process. By using the New Jersey child support calculator, you can get a general idea of what the support order will be. But even this is open for final approval and interpretation with extenuating circumstances. If you’re facing a divorce and you have children, now is a good time to set up a consultation with a family law attorney who can help you navigate this next phase of your family’s life.

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