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Millville Divorce Lawyer

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Represent Clients in Divorces in Millville and Throughout New Jersey

If you’re considering divorce, it’s most likely that you and your spouse want to avoid making it an expensive and time-consuming process. We know divorce is an emotionally charged time for many couples. It’s important to have a lawyer by your side who’s able and willing to help you focus on the big decisions you need to make. At Smedley Law Group, P.C., we handle every aspect of your divorce to help you focus on your future ahead. Contact a trusted Millville divorce lawyer from our firm today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Contested Divorce vs. Uncontested Divorce

An “uncontested” divorce is one in which the spouses have reached an agreement prior to the divorce as to all the legal issues in their divorce, such as alimony, equitable distribution, or child custody/support. 

All other divorces are considered “contested” divorces, with most divorces falling into the contested category since couples often find that once a filing for divorce has begun, there are still outstanding legal issues that need to be resolved. If you don’t have an agreement with your soon-to-be-ex, most divorce proceedings will still resolve without having to go to trial, despite starting as a contested matter. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a plan in place for your divorce. There are plenty of opportunities along the way to resolve your matter. 

Regardless of whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, you need an experienced divorce attorney to make sure no issues between you and your spouse get overlooked. When you choose a Millville divorce lawyer from Smedley Law Group, P.C. to represent you in your divorce, you can expect that we’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns, goals, and needs, so that we can develop a legal strategy to help get you the outcome you want and deserve. And you can expect that we’ll handle your case with the compassion and care you need at this difficult time.

What Can a Millville Divorce Lawyer Do to Help You?

It’s essential to work with a Millville divorce lawyer who can go above and beyond and is willing to help you see your big picture. At Smedley Law Group, P.C., we understand that you’re going through an emotional time, and so we’re here to handle every aspect of your case. A dedicated Millville divorce lawyer from our firm can help you:

The divorce process can be complicated, especially without a solid legal advocate in your corner. Speak with a Millville divorce lawyer from Smedley Law Group, P.C. today, and we’ll develop a legal strategy to help get you the outcome you want and deserve.

Millville, NJ Family Law Attorneys Protect Your Rights During the Divorce Process

There are many complex legal issues that will need to be resolved in your New Jersey divorce case. The family attorneys at Smedley Law Group, P.C. have helped countless clients navigate the New Jersey family court system and reach favorable resolutions in the following areas:

The knowledgeable family law attorneys at Smedley Law Group, P.C. will walk you through every step of your divorce.

Speak With a Trustworthy Millville Divorce Lawyer Today

At Smedley Law Group, P.C., we have extensive experience helping families and individuals with their family law legal issues. We’re dedicated to giving your divorce case the individual attention it deserves. Divorce issues can be complex, personal, and very emotional. You can trust a Millville divorce lawyer from our firm for aggressive legal representation. 

When you work with Smedley Law Group, P.C., you’re working with a team of divorce specialists that will fight for your best interests, no matter what your circumstances may be. Smedley Law Group, P.C. founder AllynMarie Smedley, Esq. is recognized as a family law and divorce expert and has achieved certification as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney, a designation given by the New Jersey Supreme Court. We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of matrimonial law that Ms. Smedley brings to the table and use these skills to help you. To learn more about your divorce options, contact us today.

About Millville, NJ

The City of Millville got its name in the 1970s from the numerous mills and factories that dotted the land. Millville was incorporated as a city by the New Jersey state legislature in 1866. 

Millville is located in Cumberland County, in southern New Jersey, around 45 miles from Philadelphia, 120 miles from New York City, and nearly 140 miles from Washington, D.C. Millville sits between the southern part of the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, State Highway 55, and the Atlantic City Expressway. Bordering municipalities include Deerfield Township, Lawrence Township, Vineland City, and Downe Township.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Millville, NJ

FAQ: Can a divorce decree be reversed or changed?

If you and your spouse agree, you’re free to make changes. Terms and provisions included in divorce decrees are often subject to modification. If you and your spouse don’t want to implement the changes formally, you can do it on your own without any memorialized document. 

However, to change divorce provisions formally, a Consent Order signed by both parties with your Millville divorce lawyer is recommended. Then the Order is sent to the judge who signs and files the document, officially enforcing the changes. Examples of a change in a divorce decree include situations such as changing a visitation schedule between one parent and a child, or fluctuating pick-up and drop-off times between the family. In this case, you aren’t required to go back to Court to make this change, if you’re both in agreement.

FAQ: What are the benefits of mediation? Can’t we just go to Court to settle our divorce?

Mediation is a process that requires both parties to attend. If you aren’t interested in attending or participating in mediation, you aren’t required to go. If you and your spouse decided to go through the complex court system and are still unable to resolve your issues, the Court would instruct you and your spouse to attend specific court-mandated mediation sessions. Mediation has its advantages because it provides a secure and confidential environment where couples can state their concerns and positions while receiving non-binding recommendations.

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